Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One week now until the babies go off to their farm in Sac. I brought the cat carrier home today for Leo and Starla's taken it over! I wish it was a thousand years in the future and I could make them pint sized for the trip; they'd be my little cats in gold-fish sized form! Hahahaha (this laughter is only 25% maniacal) ;-)
The apt was packed and stored last weekend and as I write this I'm sitting here with only a bed/tv/lamp/and computer. It really feels like it's happening now!
What's funny is I changed my zipcode on the one and only dating site Im on (and rarely use) and that made it seem really really official. Having it say JasmineAnn, NY,NY was weird! (but totally awesome!) I just stared at it thinking- do I even know this girl? I will. I think my potential is gonna catch up with myself, if that makes sense at all?
I'm excited, as ever, for this new journey. And I can really feel the wind in my hair from the rollarcoaster now, taking us super high before the lift off!

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